It’s National Volunteer Week, April 20, 2020

We are always grateful for our Friends of Will volunteers, but now more than ever. Even though we cannot gather together and plan for the move-ins, tech meals, and usher shifts we normally anticipate, our volunteers are still the life blood of the Festival. The Friends of Will have been a dedicated corps of passionate people from our community for over 16 years and we are so grateful for their support.

Our volunteers impact the festival in so many ways: They prepare meals during tech week, assist with travel by shuttling people to and from airports, get the company moved into their summer housing, facilitate the governance of the organization, spread the word by “evangelizing” to community members and writing letters to us and to the media, engaging on social media, distributing brochures and posters, talking to us after a performance, and being some of the first (and most welcoming) faces that patrons see upon entering the theater – and consequently setting the tone for a positive experience. All of these volunteer activities keep our company connected in an authentic way to the community. It makes us responsible to the greater whole and ensures that our art is relevant and meaningful.

So, to our volunteers we say, “Thanks, and ever thanks… until we shall meet again”.
(From the GRSF newsletter, April 21, 2020).


The Friends of Will have done it again!

Together you contributed 4000 hours of dedicate support to the festival throughout the performance season, before and after!  Thank you.  Reports are available by clicking on the Annual reports tab above.


The Great River Shakespeare Festival (GRSF) is a nonprofit, professional Equity theatre  company in Winona, MN, dedicated to dynamic productions of Shakespeare’s plays, extensive education and community outreach programs, and comprehensive theatre training.   The Friends of Will  (FOW) are volunteers who support the work of the Great River Shakespeare Festival. All Friends of Will are ambassadors and GRSF representatives to the community and theater patrons.  The Friends of Will Team Leaders meet throughout the spring and summer to plan and coordinate team activities.

Friends of Will Team Leaders.
Back Karin & Jim Worthley: Food Team/Hospitality; Rev. Jim Nelson: Transportation; Sharon Grossardt, Front of House; Leslie Albers, Distribution: Tom Hoffmann, Move-In/Out. Front. Brenda Terpstra,,Volunteer Liaison; Mary Alice Anderson, Chair,  Mary Polus, Early Housing; Marsha Yancy, Recording Secretary; Gretchen Erwin, Front of House. Not Pictured: Patti Neal, Distribution and Paul Mundt, At-large.



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