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Volunteer Local and Front of House Tips, Thank you Hospitality Team

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‘Tis as ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers. Romeo and Juliet, Act IV, Sc 2. (Hosts David Terpstra and John Marter)

The Great River Shakespeare Festival (GRSF) is a nonprofit, professional Equity theatre  company in Winona, MN, dedicated to dynamic productions of Shakespeare’s plays, extensive education and community outreach programs, and comprehensive theatre training.   The Friends of Will  (FOW) are volunteers who support the work of the Great River Shakespeare Festival. All Friends of Will are ambassadors and GRSF representatives to the community and theater patrons.  The Friends of Will Team Leaders meet throughout the spring and summer to plan and coordinate team activities.

Friends of Will Team Leaders.
Back Karin & Jim Worthley: Food Team/Hospitality; Rev. Jim Nelson: Transportation; Sharon Grossardt, Front of House; Leslie Albers, Distribution: Tom Hoffmann, Move-In/Out. Front. Brenda Terpstra,,Volunteer Liaison; Mary Alice Anderson, Chair,  Mary Polus, Early Housing; Marsha Yancy, Recording Secretary; Gretchen Erwin, Front of House. Not Pictured: Patti Neal, Distribution and Paul Mundt, At-large.




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