July 2010 Friends of Will Newsletter

July 25th is Friends of Will Day

Join Friends of Will on the WSU Green Image

The Friends of Will campaign was a success! Friends donated over $5,000 to meet a $5,000 anonymous match donation. The funds will sponsor the Comedy of Errors performance on Sunday, July 25, 3:00 p.m.

The matinee will be preceded by a 1:00 Front Porch Conversation by renowned actor and mime Bill Bowers. Following the matinee, there will be prelude entertainment on the Green. Friends are invited to bring picnics to enjoy as they celebrate their support of GRSF.

Established for the 2005 GRSF season, the Friends of Will provide thousands of volunteer hours annually. Joined by the Friends of Will-Rochester, volunteer membership is over 400. All Winona and Rochester Friends are invited to attend Friends of Will Day.

Tickets for the Front Porch Conversation and play may be purchased at the GRSF Box Office, 507-474-7900 or follow the link below.

Purchase Tickets for Front Porch Conversations / Plays

Complimentary tickets for Volunteers

One free ticket will be given to each volunteer who asks for it. The most current list of volunteers has been furnished to the Box Office. Please visit the GRSF office downtown to get yours! Early exposure that generates word of mouth excitement is priceless! See them often, talk about them often! Free tickets are available in rows H and back for these performances:
~ July 1 – Othello
~ July 6 – Othello
~ July 7 – Othello (Matinee)
~ July 8 – Comedy of Errors
~ July 11 – Othello (Matinee)
~ July 14 – Comedy of Errors (Matinee)
~ July 14 – Othello
~ July 15 – Othello

GRSF performance calendar


FOW Company Hospitality Team

FOW Company Hospitality team members bought/cooked/baked mounds of food for GRSF “tech week” in June. 800 meals were served if you mulitply the number of meals provided by the number of people fed. The cast, crew and apprentices/techs were EXTREMELY grateful to be so well taken care of while they worked long hours bringing all the pieces together of the 2 Shakespeare shows.

GRSF actor Doug Scholz-Carlson says there is no other place in the USA where this kind of week long hospitality is extended to actors and crew in a theatre company, making Winona, once again, a model of possibilities for other communities, and in the shorter term, the place for happier, well fed folks. Thanks to all who participated and to all who stepped forward to provide The Daly News tech and double performance dates food.

If you are a member of the FOW hospitality team, or other teams, and would like to assist with hospitality, contact Debbie Sheets or call 507-458-3451. ~ Debbie Sheets, Laura Armstrong and Jenni McHugh, team co-leaders.

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. Comedy of Errors

Rochester Friends of WillImage

The Friends of Will – Rochester is a small but congenial group that enjoys promoting the Great River Shakespeare Festival at Rochester locales. June was spent distributing posters and brochures as well as setting up a table at Farmers’ Market. We gave away some GRSF incentive items and held a drawing for two pairs of tickets to the Festival. The drawing generated well over 100 names to add to the mailing lists. Our two winners were enthusiastic newcomers to the Festival and hopefully are now permanent supporters.

Rochester Community Education is offering a bus trip to spend a day in Winona with lunch, visit to the Marine Museum and attend a matinee at the theater. The public library system is offering an opportunity for free tickets to one of the performances. Additionally, Laurie Flanigan-Hegge GRSF Advancement Director, made good connections with the World War II Roundtable group here in Rochester. Their membership is between 300-400 and announced the Festival at their meetings with special emphasis on The Daly News.

July 31st Rochester Day at the Festival with a Rochester blues singer featured on the Green and discounted tickets for Rochester attendees. Thanks to the Rochester Post Bulletin for sponsoring this day. Randy Chapman, the publisher, is a very active member of FOW-R and a great supporter of the arts. We all are committed to great art in Southeastern Minnesota.

Contact Sheri Lu Pappas, Rochester Friends Chair to learn more or join. Phone: 507-285-1979

Join the Friends of Will

When There’s Music There’s Food!Image

Food and music are an important addition to the Festival atmosphere we strive for the Great River Shakespeare Festival. If you would be available to help “Grill for Will” we’d love to see you! From grilling to serving to rootbeer floats we could use your help! Come enjoy the food, the people and the music!

Please click on the links below to let us know you’ll be there!

Sign up to Grill for Will

Questions please contact Terry Hawkings or 459-0289. Thanks!

Dates to Remember

July 16-18, Minnesota Public Radio Weekend
July 24, LaCrosse Day at GRSF
July 25, FOW Volunteer Appreciation Day
July 25, Titus Andronicus Apprenctice Performance Opens
July 31, Rochester Day at GRSF
Ongoing, through July 29, 2nd Annual S.E. Minnesota Regional Juried Art Exhibition,
WSU Watkins Gallery and SMSU Lillian Davis Hogan Gallery



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