Friends of Will – August 2011

Thank you again to all of the Friends of Will for another successful season!  The email messages shared below make us all proud.
Watch for our season wrap-up in the next FOW newsletter.

Terry Hawkings and Dee Cipov,
Friends of Will Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Jim and Rose Gurley, Art Quilt Winners

Congratulations to Rose and Jim Gurley, Friends of Will and winners of the Art Quilt raffle at the July Callithump!

FOW Rochest
The Friends of Will  – Rochester added a number of new members this past spring.  And they have proven to be very active.  This meant that our Rochester exposure and poster/brochure distribution was probably the best we have done.  It’s great to make new friends. We mourn the passing of one of our dedicated, “charter” members – Barb Anderson. We remember the lovely party that she and Jerry hosted at their house last October, and her enthusiasm for helping in every way.

Thank You and Praise from Parents!

Judy Merriman, the mother of apprentice actor Katie Merriman sent the following:
I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the GRSF and the FOW.  As a parent of an apprentice, I cannot express how truly awed and grateful I am for the FOW.  When I first heard about all you do for the Company and Apprentices, I just was overwhelmed!  As a mom who really did not know much about the GRSF or Winona, MN, it was with some trepidation that I watched Katie drive off that day in early May. But when she called and spoke about how great the Company was and regaled us with tales about the amount of invites, food, and sincere care and concern of the FOW and community, it just made me feel so grateful and appreciative!!!  Never, ever feel that your hard work and kindness are not noticed or appreciated, for they are — far more than I can possibly express in words!   As we packed up to leave the unique and special place called the GRSF, I came to fully understand what it meant when they all talked about it being “Home.”  And I look forward to the time when we can  once again go home!!!

FOW Chris Antoff shared this messasge
I have to share a story of a parent of one of the techs. We sat next to each other at the Callithump (what a fun event). The couple drove here from Austin, Texas & had never been this far north! We chatted & I found out how pleased their son & they were to have such gracious hospitality….both food & friendliness!  They loved our area also!  Just have to share such nice stories.  We all help put “Winona on the map” !!  Today’s WDN “Record Revenue for 2011 GRSF” is great news!!  We are so fortunate to have such generous people in our community! Thanks again to all of you for all you do for Winona!! ~~~ Chris Antoff

FOW raised #71.00 in "votes" at the Callithump Accessories Parade.


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