Friends of Will – June 2012

Looking for Cupid & More info for Friends of Will

What? A statue of Cupid!
When? By June 10.

GRSF production staff wants a stone or faux stone statue; at least 2′-0″, but no taller than 4′-6″. A bow and arrow/quiver would be super.  The base of the statue will be placed into 8″ of standing water.
A focal point of Eric Stone’s design for The Two Gentlemen of Verona, has a 4′-6″ wide stone fountain/pool at the front left part of the stage.  Paul Barnes has asked if we can have a statue of Cupid for the center of the fountain.  At this point we do not have the budget to purchase one.  Paul suggested that we reach out to you all, hoping that one of you may have, or may know of someone who’d be willing to loan us a statue. I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!
Rob Thomas, Company Manager

Hire an Apprentice
Please send information about the job including the number of apprentices requested, hourly pay, and date/time restrictions, and whether transportation is available. We request that the hourly rate not be less than $10.  The apprentices are working many hours at the festival, so they will only be able to work in their off time; we cannot promise when the work will be completed. GRSF staff will contact you when they receive your email. Send your request to

Apprentice Actors Awarded Scholarships
The Great River Collegium donated tuition fee
income to scholarships for apprentice acting company members. 2012 recipients are Send your request to  Jeremy Thompson and Brittany Falardeau.
~Jeremy, from the University of Idaho wrote:  I’m extremely grateful for the Collegium’s help bringing me out to Winona. I am from Ashland OR, moved to Seattle and am now a MFA candidate at the University of Idaho. I was in two productions (As You Like It and Richard III) directed by Jim Edmondson when I was in elementary school, so I’m very excited to get to be an understudy this year in his King Lear. I’m also an accidental co-founder of Handwritten Productions, a small Seattle fringe company formed when a few Puget Sound graduates got together for a chamber production of Troilus and Cressida. It’s now entering it’s third season.
~ Brittany, a student at Millikin University in DeCatur, Illinois, studied at the Globe Theater where she perfomed in scenes from Much Do About Nothing.  “It was cool to rehearse on the Globe Stage. ” Brittany is excited to be in Winona!

Front of House Sign-Up Book & Training
The Usher and Will Guides sign-up book is available in the GRSF office, 79 East Third St.  Training is June 12 & 13,  6:00- 7:00p.m for Ushers and at  7:00 – 8:00pm for Will Guides and Special Access ushers.  WSU Performing Arts Center. New Front of House volunteers and returning volunteers who have not attended a training in the past two years are asked to attend. Another training is will be June 27.  After the season opens the Usher and Will guide schedule will be online only. You will still be alerted the night before of your working but need to get in touch with Judy Rusert, Front of House Team Leader through email to change your schedule.

Hospitality Needs
The hospitality team will be providing lunch and dinner for company members during their Tech Week. Dates are: June 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 26 and 27.
If you are interested in helping provide items for these meals for the Cast and Crew during this critical time in their rehearsals, please contact Kris Blanchard,  Thank you!!

Headed to LaCrosse?
The Distribution team would like help distributing Season 9 brochures in LaCrosse coffee shops and other likely places. If you would like to help out in LaCrosse  (or other places) please contact Team co-chair Dee Cipov , or stop by the GRSF office to get brochures.

Use the volunteer registration form to update your Season 9 volunteer interests and contact information.


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