Winter FOW Partnerships and Spring Company Requests, March 2013

Save these dates!

2013-calendar~ April 14, GRSF Spring Preview, 4:00 pm, Winona County History Center
~ June 26, Free Preview, Twelfth Night
~ June 27, Free Preview, King Henry V
~ July 14, Friends of Will Recognition Celebration  after the matinee performance of Twelfth Night        Watch for details this spring!

Early Housing & Hospitality Team Needs

Hello, Friends of Will.  Company Manager Rob, here. The season quickly approaches and we could use your help.  First, we have early housing needs.  In our constant efforts to make procedures more efficient and effective, we’ve developed a form to fill out if you’re interested in hosting people who arrive before permanent housing becomes available for the season.  This way, we can create a database.  If you’d like to host, please click link below to fill out the form. You will be contacted sometime in the next few months and on a as needed basis.  Early Housing Needs!

Our second request is for a refrigerator and microwave for our hospitality team to keep our crew and actors happy and well-fed.  If you have a fridge sitting in your garage collecting dust, just let me know.  We’ll do all the work of picking it up and removing it.  And, guess what.  It’s tax deductible!!
Contact Rob Thomas, Company Manager

GRSF VISITS Project fine


GRSF Education Team Co-Chair Ruth Carlson and Associate Director Doug Scholz-Carlson were guest speakers at the February meeting of Project FINE’s Diversity Youth Quest students.   Doug talked about Shakespeare’s plays and stage fighting basics. Shakespeare for Young Actors Katie Bowler and Moira Market shared why they love learning about Shakespeare.

FOW Partners with the Rockwell Kent Festival

Diane_Pauline_shari Schuh SueGilmanFriends of Will contributed over 50 hours of volunteer time at the Rockwell Kent Festival in February.  Thank you to all FOW who helped. Festival organizers were very appreciative of your efficient and friendly assistance.   Photos: FOW Diane Forsyth and Pauline Christensen along with Shari Schuh greet patrons at the Theatre Du Mississippi Production of Angels in the Trees while Sue Gilman greets guests at the festival film.

Greetings from the GRSF Office

The GRSF development team has pinpointed a potential new grant opportunity that could be possible in conjunction with our Friends of Will members.  We would love to know if any current Friends of Will are employees, advisors, or retirees associated with the business Ameriprise Financial.  If you have professional ties to this company and would be willing to be listed as such, along with being a volunteer for GRSF, please contact Irene ErkenBrack directly at or 507.474.9376.  Thanks for considering it!


Season 10 FOW Steering Committee Members
Tracy Morgan, Jane Baartz, Marsha Yancy, Dee Cipov, Blandine Berthelot, Terry Hawkings, Jean Hayes, Mary Alice Anderson, Jim Nelson, Ruth Charles.  Not pictured: Tom Hoffman, Diane Stevens, Judy Rusert, Michelle Kline, Kris Blanchard.

Friends of Will Home Page


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