Meet Annika, Quilt Raffle Tickets Available, July Volunteer Opportunities

dont_forget_smallThe final Usher and Will Guide Training is Wednesday, July 9, 6:30 pm at the WSU Performing Arts Center.   All Ushers and Will guides are welcome.  New ushers & Will Guides who did not attend earlier training sessions are especially encouraged to attend!  There are additional announcements for Front of House Volunteers throughout this post.

Meet House Manager Annika Gunderson!

AnnikaI have returned to my hometown, Winona, after five years of living in Minneapolis, MN, as well as studying extensively throughout Latin America. Living anew in Winona has gifted me with much exploration of and participation in the arts. Soon after my homecoming, I produced Winona’s first burlesque show Speakeasy Mississippi Burlesque (Oct. 2013) and danced in both WSU’s Dancescape 2014 and SEED’s Blank Page (March 2014). These experiences led me to work with Mid West Music Fest 2014 as the fest’s coordinator of marketing/publicity, hospitality, and merchandise.  I am so grateful to Winonans for their continuous support and collaboration, and I am equally thrilled to be a part of Winona’s expanding arts community! Some of my other identities include…entrepreneur, Global Somatics Practitioner, and, importantly, a lover of kale and coconut water. Outside of GRSF, I can be found working at Infinity Chiropractic Wellness Center, practicing yoga and walking my dog, Raleigh.I welcome getting to know as many GRSF patrons as possible, and I very much look forward to promoting joy and comfort for patrons in the theater. Please feel free to say ‘hello!’ I can be easily spotted in the Performing Arts Center’s front of house with my watch and short (sometimes funky) blonde hair. 🙂 Annika

Friends-of-Will-logoThere are some Front of House spots needing volunteers.  We suggest checking Volunteer Local  often for additional openings that may come up throughout July.   Front of House job descriptions and expectations

Concession/parking shifts start July 22nd

Learn more about Concessions and Parking. It’s another fun way to help the festival and interact with patrons. Sign up using Volunteer Local.

Tuesday 7/22 7:00pm performance
Wednesday 7/23 7:00 performance
Thursday 7/24 7:00pm performance
Friday 7/25 7:30pm performance
Saturday 7/26 2:00pm performance
Sunday 7/27 2:00pm performance
Wednesday 7/30 7:00pm performance
Thursday 7/31 7:00pm performance


The Shakesepare for Young Designer project need soda cans, any color, as many as we can get! Energy drink cans would work too, as well as beer cans. Probably around 50-100 if I had to put a number on it, as it will be used to make the top halves of armor for 5 people. If they could be rinsed off, that would be great! Drop off items at the PAC production office or with the Box Office staff at the downtown office.  Contact: Lauren Smith, GRSF Education Coordinator.

Quilt Raffle Tickets available


The 2014 quilt was created by Mary Alice Anderson, Dee Cipov, Mary Kaser, Lori Krumholz, Connie Larson, and Kathy Seifert. Sherry Brickner, Creative Quilting by Design, did the quilting.

The 2014 quilt design was inspired by Julia Crozier’s Get Carried Away poster. Our own imaginary forces inspired the “Will Group” volunteers to select unused costume shop fabrics in the poster’s color palette and design a quilt reflecting the poster’s flying birds theme and Get Carried Away tagline. Fabrics ranging from brocade and silk to tapestry fabrics were combined with quilt cottons to create a traditional “Birds in the Air” design. The costume shop fabrics were originally used in Season 1-10 plays such as The Winter’s Tale, King Lear, King Henry V, Macbeth, and Othello.

RRAFFLETICKETaffle tickets are $5.00 and available in the Theatre Gift Shop and at the GRSF downtown office.  All Friends of Will are invited to help sell tickets. Stop by the GRSF downtown office to get some to sell.

Thank you, Hospitality team!

A huge thank you goes to the hospitality team for all of the delicious and very much appreciated lunches and dinners served to 100 busy and hungry company members during the June 15-22 tech week!
Lee Gundersheimer, GRSF Managing Director and Hospitality Team Chairs Terry Hawkings and Kris Blanchard




Hospitality Host Debbie Sheets and GRSF set designer Eric Stone; Company members Mathew Tibbs and Jenn Barnick.
 Frodont_forget_smallnt of House team members are encouraged to review the Winona  State Emergency and Evacuation Procedures Complete evacuation procedures and recommendations are listed within this  WSU document
Dear Front of House Volunteer Friends,
When an opportunity came up to take a tour with my husband and Texas family I was thrilled! England, Scotland, Stratford on Avon, and the thrill of a trip enticed me beyond reason…. Then I realized it was July 14-24!!!   But travel won! While I am tripping my dear friends, Gretchen Erwin and Mary Alice Anderson will pitch hit for me. You will still use the email… I’ll have them forwarded to Gretchen so she can respond to your needs. Everything else will continue on the path to success, thanks to your fine volunteering and Miss Annika’s direction. Mary Alice will also be there to serve your needs. Please think of me as July 17th…. I will be at Shakespeare’s home!  I promise to share some photos. Keep on keeping on!!!!
Judy Rusert, Front of House Team Chair

Visit this newsletter & Volunteer Local throughout the Season to check for updates! Friends-of-Will-logo



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