Thank you, Friends of Will!

Thank-YouDear Friends of Will,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for GRSF this season. We simply could not exist without all of your work. I hope you are taking great pride in the many accomplishments of Season 11.  We started the season talking about how the simple, mundane things we do every day in the theater can become an invitation for us and for our community to experience more fully what it is to be human. Whether passing out programs, cooking meals, giving rides, or playing Hamlet, we need every member of this company to put these plays on stage and to invite our patrons to see them. Once inside the theater, I believe we have opportunity to start a conversation that can help make our community the place we want to call home – and I believe that is exactly what we have done this season.

Thank you for being a vital part of this company.

Doug Scholz-Carlson, Artistic Director

Friends-of-Will-logoDear Friends of Will,

It was a year of great change this season and so many of us had to trust and adapt to the new personalities, programming, and procedures. From Front of House to Hospitality to Chariots- every single department and almost all of you had to work with a new point person or within a slightly changed system. And you rose to the occasion and then some. Thanks so much for all you did to make these changes and this season such a success. And I can only thank each of your personally for your faith and support. We are truly privileged to have you an integral part of GRSF. And a special thank you to all the department heads and to Mary Alice and Terry for overseeing it all. We look forward to your comments and thoughts as we make our way forward.

On to the great work of Season 12!!!!

~ Lee Gundersheimer, Managing DirectorFriends-of-Will-logo

Thank you from Mary Alice and Terry

It was a successful season for the Friends of Will as hundreds of Friends helped GRSF throughout  Season 11.  Front of House volunteers, our largest group, worked 1480 hours!  Many other teams and individuals worked behind the scenes at company events and to help company members. We are beginning to compile information for the FOW annual report that celebrates the continuing success of the Friends of Will.  The report will be available here this fall.

Thank you!

Mary Alice Anderson and Terry Hawkings, Friends of Will Steering Committee Co-Chairs Friends-of-Will-logoJennifer and KelleyGaby Peterson, co-owner of Yarnology in Winona won the Callithump quilt raffle.   FOW Jennifer Georgieff and Yarnology co-owner Kelly Momsen proudly hold the quilt now on display at Yarnology, 65 East Third, Winona.  Gaby’s Yarology Post!



Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.04.14 PMRadio station KQAL program archives include interviews with several GRSF company members and other Festival information.


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