Thank you Hospitality Team! FOW Activities, Check your Volunteer Status (2015)

Kudos to the Hospitality team

Eating2The hospitality team has outdone themselves again! Throughout the two weeks of tech week FOW served 580 separate meals at 8 different times.
47 Friends of Will contributed food. Two groups led by Dee Cipov served 130 meals; an Exchange Club group chaired by Terry Hawkings  provided 60 Apprenticesmeals and a Rotary Club group led by Terri Sim served 40 meals. Other FOW who hosted meals are Kris Blanchard, Martha Langowski, Bea Hoffmann, Mary Alice Anderson, Caroline van Schaik, John and Grace Marter, Kathy and Greg Peterson, Debbie Sheets, Ray and Carolyn Felton, Pat Berkley, Bob Hawkings. Guest hosts Heidi Ryan, Margie Glynn and GRSF staff Lee Gundersheimer and Marci Franklin, offered help at the last minute when we really needed it.  Thank you!


Karin and Jim Worthley, on-site hospitality chairs and coordinators, helped at every meal and coordinated in-between meal needs.   A HUGE thank you goes to Jean Hayes for extensive months-long menu and logistics planning.
Special thanks to
* Daryl Reidel, Steak Shop Catering for providing and delivering a commercial warming table, salad bar and large refrigerator free of charge. This was a tremendous help!!!
* Winona Bread and Bagel, Blue Heron and Bloedows for donating bread
* Pete Suardi, GRSF Company Manager who helped at every meal took care of so much else.
*Terry Hawkings for her tremendous support. She pitched in with everything where she was needed.
* WSU Arts Administrator and FOW Kathy Peterson who helps GRSF with all facilities needs.

Company members look forward to these wonderful meals; they spread the word to incoming company members who are eager to see what it’s all about!


MaryAlice-PattiQuilt Raffle Tickets For Sale

FOW Patti Neal purchased Raffle Ticket #1 from Mary Alice Anderson.  Raffle tickets are available in the lobby during all performances through Callithump, at Concerts on the Green, from FOW, and in the GRSF downtown office. Raffle tickets are just $5.00 and a wonderful way to support GRSF.


Steamboat Days Parade

GRSF was well represented in the Steamboat days Parade with assistant director Stephen Miranda and SYA actor Lauren Callahan as Romeo and Juliet.  FOW Bob Hawkings created the float which received an award in the novelty float category.  FOW Dee Cipov, Maggie Lambert, Raelynn Peter, Kathy Benke, Michelle Langowski walked the parade route with GRSF staff.


Front of House Team

Thank you for all of the excellent Front of House work during the start of Season 12.  Judy Rusert, Team Chair

Reminder!  Check your Volunteer Status and for open positions in Volunteer Local.  Select the Volunteer Local check your status link;  enter your email address.  A list of what you have volunteered for will arrive in your email.

You may also cancel a shift online.
If you need to cancel the week of the event please contact Judy Rusert,

Ushers, ticket takers and quilt raffle ticket sellers working during each performance will receive an email confirmation reminder the week they are working.



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