Getting ready for Season 13 (2016)

dont_forget_smallBookmark this permanent link for the FOW newsletter/blog! It’s always here. Updates are posted often during the season.

It’s that time of year when we get rid of stuff! (and donate it to GRSF)

Trenchcoats and overcoats.  The costume shop  is looking for classic men’s trench coats and wool overcoats in neutral colors…grey, khaki, olive…maybe navy,  not black. They can be long or long car length. Please bring to the GRSF office.
~ Thank you, Marci Franklin, GRSF  costume shop supervisor

BINSHousehold items.  The interim company manager is asking for donations of some basic kitchen items to help restock the apartment housing bins supplied to each apartment when the company arrives in May.   If you have something to donate please bring it to the GRSF Office on the corner of 3rd and Lafayette St.between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm weekdays by Friday April 8.  If we have extra items donated we will save these items to replace, and refill Company Bins in the future.
~ Thank you, Julie Fassbender, interim company manager

Dinner Plates (6) Small Dinner Plates (28)
Bowls (cereal size) (7) Coffee Cups (40)
Silverware Tray (15) Forks (set of 4) (3)
Knives (set of 4) 12 Sharp knives, big (12)
Sharp knives, smaller (7) Cutting Board (13)
Rubber spatula (7) Colander (17)
Can opener (26) Measure cup sets (20)
Measure spoons (21 Measure spoons (21)
Mixing Bowl, medium, large (22) Cooking pot, small (11)
Frying pan (medium) (3) Baking Pan (casserole) (4)
Cookie Sheet (23) Ice Cube Trays (3)
Pot holders (50) Wash clothes (140)
Kitchen towels (70) Floor lamps (17)

Do you like to cook?  Here’s a golden opportunity!

If feeding hungry, appreciative GRSF actors and crew members sounds like fun to you, here’s a golden opportunity. The hospitality team that provides good, healthy meals for those talented, hungry folks on long tech rehearsal days the last couple weeks in June is starting to assemble. We need food providers, cooks, hosts/servers, and clean up help for each meal. Please contact Jim and Karin Worthley,  507-474-4360 or with questions or to sign up.

Behind the Scenes with Friends of Will

IMG_0151Many FOW have been busy throughout the past months helping GRSF with projects and events. FOW have helped decorate the office windows for the Downtown Winona Holiday window contest, set up for the Valentine’s Bash at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, plan events, stuff envelopes for a mailing, and inventory the contents of the housing bins and create a quilt for the Callithump quilt raffle.

Would you like to be involved?  If you would like to assist with off-season events please contact Friends of Will Steering Committee co- chairs Mary Alice Anderson
( or Terry Hawkings ( )

Friends of Will Team leaders meet monthly to plan and stay in touch with GRSF staff. Team Leaders and FOW Steering Committee members are:

Mary Alice Anderson: Co-Chair, Communications
Terry Hawkings: Co-Chair, Special Projects
Dee Cipov & Tracy Morgan: Distribution Team
Jean Hayes: Volunteer Liaison, Hospitality
Tom Hoffmann: Move-In/Out Crew
Rev. Jim Nelson: Team Chariot (Transportation)
Judy Rusert and Gretchen Erwin-Front of House Team Coordinators
Karin & Jim Worthley: Hospitality
Marsha Yancy: Recording Secretary

shakespeare_book_smallWant to learn more about Shakespeare?

Will Power.  Can’t Kill Bill: 400 years after his death William Shakespeare has Kept his Cool. (Star Tribune, March 27, 2016)

How did people die in Shakespeare’s plays? This chart explains.
Can you identify the play or person?

Shakespeare Documented is an  Exhibition of documents related to Shakespeare.   The exhibit hosts manuscripts, books, plays and more from the Folger Shakespeare Library, Bodleian Library, the British Library, The National Archives, and Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.




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