Thank you FOW, Parking space needed (Nov. 2017)

Do you have a covered parking space to loan?

GRSF is in need of covered parking over the winter for a van and a
pick-up truck. The van has to be able to be moved for use in February by
actors coming for education programs in the schools. The pick-up is not
needed until spring. If anyone has such a facility, please contact Emily
at the GRSF office, 474-7900 or

Thank you, Friends of Will!

Thank you, Friends of Will, for supporting the Great River Shakespeare Festival in so many ways during the 2016 season. Over 200 FOW generously gave over 3000 hours of time to help the Festival.    Your generosity and time are sincerely appreciated.

Our largest group of volunteers, Front of House FOW, alone contributed 1200 hours of support. The generous hospitality team members who provided many much enjoyed meals to hungry company members during tech week follow their hourly contribution.   The transportation team made 30 trips to and from area airports before and during the season to bring help company members get to Winona.   Other FOW provided housing, inventoried and delivered housing supplies to company apartments, distributed information, helped with mailings, created the 6th annual Callithump raffle quilt and helped with organizing FOW volunteer activities of Will.  Learn what YOU did!   (FOW Annual Report, Season 13)

Getting Ready for Season 14

A small group of FOW helped GRSF prepare materials for a mailing this November. If you would like to help GRSF with off-season work such as mailings please contact Mary Alice Anderson, Friends of Will Steering Committee Chair,

Visit the Friends of Will online newsletter throughout the winter and spring to check for news and updates that may be posted.


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