Will Run & Front of House volunteers needed, Hire an Apprentice (June 30)

Help with the 4th annual Will Run,  July 16th 

Will Run is the only 28-Furlong Race (that we know of) in existence.   Volunteers are needed to help support the run and the runners as they run or walk around beautiful Lake Winona.
Details and schedule
~ When: July 16, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.
~ Where: Begins at Lake Park Bandshell in Winona, and the track follow the path around the big lake.
~ 2 volunteers are needed for each position

  • Route Safety  –  Washington Street, 7:50 am
  • Route Safety  –  Huff Street, 7:50 am
  • Route Direction/cheerleading!  –  Curve by Hospital  –  8 am
  • Route Direction/cheerleading!  –  Curve by bridge  –  8 am
  • Route Direction/cheerleading!  –  Stay on bike path by tennis courts  –  8 am
  • Route Safety  –  Hamilton Street  –  8 am
  • Route Safety  –  Franklin Street  –  8 am

All volunteers are invited and encouraged to come for donuts, bagels, coffee… at the Bandshell after the last runner/walker goes by your station!!  Hats are provided for race participants as part of the race packet this year. Volunteers can purchase a hat for $10.00 just below actual cost!    To help and join the fun contact: Dee Cipov, deecipov@gmail.com
Or, register for the race. This is your chance for a personal best! Run 28 Furlongs (about the length of a 5K) with the GRSF Company and community

Front of House Openings
There are some open spots for ushers and ticket takers.  Visit Volunteer Local to sign up and check for openings. There may be last minute openings as people cancel. Sign up for a position at http://grsf.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/
Questions? Contact Sheri Grossardt, Front of House Team Co-Leader

Front of House Training Materials

Hire an Apprentice
We have apprentices who are interested in working and patrons who are interested in hiring apprentices. If any Friends of Will have a job for an apprentice, please contact Valerie Williams, GRSF Education Director.   Email her your name, phone number, email, and a brief description of the work involved. She will share this information with the Apprentices. It will be up to the Apprentice to make contact with the FOW if they are interested in working. Jobs can be emailed to education@grsf.org.


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